Murphy's Home Preschool Logo Design
Explore the revitalized logo design I created for Murphy's Home Preschool in Arcadia, Phoenix, Arizona. 
Discover how my graphic design solutions have masterfully blended the preschool's timeless essence with a modern, refreshed look, ensuring it stands out in today's competitive landscape.
The inspiration for the refreshed Murphy's Home Preschool logo comes from a black logo above, originally designed by Laura Murphy, the founder and preschool teacher. Laura crafted it by hand with her husband's help, using actual black paint on paper. Following Mrs. Murphy's passing in August 2023, her daughter, Anna, took over the preschool and sought to honor her mother's memory with an updated homage to her original logo.
MHP Logo Draft 1
In Draft 1, I provided a simple flat logo with an updated cursive handwritten font and a scribbled effect in the same shape as the inspiration logo.
Final Logo Design
In the final draft, I provided an updated color scheme inspired by Mrs. Murphy's Irish heritage and her family's love for the color pallet. The client loved this revision and decided to adopt the new logo for her business.
The mark of a good logo lies in its simplicity and being easily identifiable in a single color, versatility, and recognizability. Simplifying a logo to one color strips it down to its basic form, highlighting its design and structure without the distraction of color schemes. This ensures the logo remains effective across various mediums and contexts, whether it's printed on merchandise, displayed on digital platforms, or used in marketing materials. A one-color logo can adapt to different backgrounds and materials while maintaining brand identity, making it a versatile tool for branding. Moreover, if a logo is recognizable in just one color, it indicates a strong, distinctive design that can stand out in the competitive market and remain memorable to the audience.
Flat Black Version of Final Logo Design
Murphy's Home Preschool Logo Poster Mockup
Murphy's Home Preschool Logo T-Shirt Design
Murphy's Home Preschool Logo Mug Designs
Murphy's Home Preschool Vehicle Wrap
In addition to the Murphy's Home Preschool logo redesign, I designed a vibrant and engaging vehicle wrap for their dedicated transport van using the new brand colors, transforming it into a rolling billboard that both delights and educates.
Murphy's Home Preschool ID Badges
I also crafted custom ID badges that seamlessly align with the brand's vibrant orange and green color scheme, reinforcing its identity. These badges not only serve as a professional tool for identification but also embody the preschool's welcoming and energetic atmosphere. Featuring a clear, legible design, each badge showcases the staff member's name and the new MPH logo within the playful irish color palette. This thoughtful integration of brand colors into essential daily items like ID badges enhances brand cohesion, ensuring that every aspect of the preschool environment reflects its commitment to a nurturing, cheerful educational experience.
Discover the power of strategic graphic design in elevating your brand and capturing the essence of your organization. Reach out today to learn more about my design services and how I can help your business stand out in today's competitive market.

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